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FREE! Get a sneak peak of your SKIN DNA report sample that we use to customise skincare solutions based on your genetic data.  

Now you will know exactly how does a skin DNA report looks like in detail and why it is so important for safe and effective customized skincare solutions. 

4 Ways DNA report data is being used to DOUBLE skincare efficacy


Unveiling your HIDDEN skin problems

Bad Acne? Hypersensitivity? Wrinkles? Your genetic locus is like a unique “street address” which indicates different kinds of skin conditions in your DNA.


SMART X AI Recommendation

Genotypes in the same genetic locus differs from person to person. This determines your skin conditions, and we use this to advise the best ingredients and products for you.


By you. For YOU.

The most advanced skin care personalisation - We use your DNA to concoct products that is uniquely and suitably yours.


OPEN Sesame.

Fun fact: We know less than 10% of ourselves, the 90%  is waiting for you to be revealed.

How we ensure you NEVER buy the wrong products again using DNA data with A.I.
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