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Cancers and Common diseases

Cancers/Tumors (33 Reports)

Circulatory System Diseases (12 Reports) 

Endocrine Diseases (5 Reports) 

Digestive Diseases (11 Reports) 

Respiratory Diseases (4 Reports) 

Urologic Diseases (3 Reports) 

Nervous System Diseases (11 Reports) 

Rheumatic Autoimmune Diseases (8 Reports) 

Orthopedic Diseases (12 Reports) 

Dermatology Diseases (7 Reports) 

Ophthalmic Diseases (3 Reports) 

Oral Diseases (1 Reports) 

Otolaryngology Diseases (3 Reports) 

Gynaecological Diseases (5 Reports) 

Hereditary Diseases (11 Reports) 

Understand your risks, take early actions, all is good.

Unlock 144 reports from the Disease Traits
(15 Disease Categories)

Revealing 34 cancer risks and 110 other common diseases risks such as digestive, urologic, nervous systems diseases and many more.

Understand the valuable insights and information so that you can take preventive measures to minimize the risks

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