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Understand how your body responds to 112 common drugs

Unlock 112 reports from the drug responses analysis
(12 Medicine Categories)

Understanding your drug responses reduce or avoid medication side effects

Your genetic drug response allows the doctor to prescribe a more precise and personalized medication plan for you

Drug Responses

Anti-Tumour Medications (33 Reports)

Mental Health Medications (12 Reports) 

Endocrine and Metabolic Medications (5 Reports) 

Cardiovascular Medications (11 Reports) 

Gastrointestinal Medications (4 Reports) 

Respiratory Medications (3 Reports) 

Autoimmune Medications (11 Reports) 

Rheumatism, Gout And Bone Medications Diseases (12 Reports) 

Antipyretics and Anti-inflammatory Medications Diseases (7 Reports) 

Men's Health Medications (3 Reports) 

Women's Health Medications (8 Reports) 

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